Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Mad Outsourcing will provide full refund if the project has not been started for the next 20 days of purchase. However, this policy can be terminated at any point of time regardless of the scenario and this only implies if the request is made upon viewing the initial concepts only (less the 10% processing fee). Furthermore, any revisions requested after viewing the initial concepts will void this offer and would be considered as continuation of the project.

l. The refund policy will not be applicable on any discounted offer.

ll. The refund policy will not be applicable if the customer has been unresponsive for more than 20 days.

lll. The customer can always request to get his project held for a certain period of time, however, refund won’t be applicable on such situation.

lV. The refund will be voided if the refund is requested, over situations not related to the company such as, the business shutting down or partner not agreeing on the design or any scenarios not related to the company.

V. Urgent design projects are non-refundable.

Vl. The company will not refund any client whose work was outsourced to Mad Outsourcing by a third party.

Vll.If the refund has been processed, the customer or the entity will have zero authority to use any source of work design that has been shared with the client. If found, it will be a breach of contract and legal proceedings will be acted upon.

Vlll. The client will not be refunded any money after the payment has been disputed. Any of such scenarios will lead to termination of the contract.

lX. The client can always reach Mad Outsourcing In Pakistan in case of any difference between the contract and the commitments made with the client.

X. In case of duplicate charges, the 100% refund will be implied on such scenarios.

Note: The refund will take 30-45 days after the cancellation request has been approved. However, the client will not use any of the provided work shared with the client. In case of bundle purchases, the service in question will be refunded only.

You can use the following ways to submit & get updates on your refund request.

1. Call us

2. Click Live chat to start chatting with our representative

3. Email us

Once the refund is made, Mad Outsourcing will be the rightful owner of your projects.

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