How to Manage a Virtual Assistant (VA)

How to Manage a Virtual Assistant (VA)

As an overworked and overscheduled business owner, how relieving it could be to have someone sharing, or even overtaking your burdens.

Inevitable burdens include but are not limited to scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, managing email accounts, and whatnot.

Virtual Assistants come into play when it comes to handling such day-to-day tasks necessary to keep the business processes moving.

Whether a business requires help with administrative duties, marketing, content creation, design, or development, a virtual assistant rightly fulfills their needs. These days, more and more business owners are hiring virtual assistants to fuel their day-to-day processes, still, not everyone is well-informed about how to best work with them. 

To ensure you don’t fall into category 2, we thought it would be helpful to compile a brief post on how to best entertain your VA to maximize your business’s day-to-day crucial processes.

Make them feel valued: 

Provide your VA with a sense of belonging, not just that they are working for you. Detachment can crush morale. Assign work fairly and equally, so everyone feels engaged and important. Assign tasks taking into account the importance of each assignment and involve your team.

Set Expectations: 

Set expectations from your VA and the relationship upfront so you two remain on the same page. If you want a 24-hour turnaround, let them know when you interview them. Find out when they are available. Ensure your schedule can accommodate your VA’s availability if they are only available two days a week.

Specify Boundaries:

Set boundaries in advance so your VA knows when to contact you and when not to.

Provide proper brief of instructions: 

Make the transition easier for them by providing procedures. You can do this by making a step-by-step procedure or even just a log of your actions and instructions.

Don’t make it a guessing game for them: 

Avoid making the whole process a guessing game on how they can help you. Make sure to prepare a set of tasks and responsibilities ahead of time for your new trainees to handle. 

To ensure future success, set aside time to review their work, hours, and accomplishments at the beginning.

Don’t be vague:

If you don’t respond, your VA can’t progress with the conversation. Instead of leaving your VA waiting, get back to them timely.

Keep an open line of communication:

Become approachable. Your assistant will avoid interacting with you if they feel afraid to talk to you or bother you. This will also result in a lot of miscommunications and guesswork.


Overall, working with a virtual assistant can be a powerful tool to help you streamline your work and achieve your goals more efficiently. By establishing clear communication, setting clear expectations, and building trust, you can maximize the benefits of working with a virtual assistant and take your productivity to the next level.


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