How To Go About Social Media Outreach? [Simple Guide]

How To Go About Social Media Outreach? [Simple Guide]

Want to get leads coming to you without spending a single $ in paid ads?

With multiple social media platforms providing huge networking potential, you can’t help but wonder how to leverage social media outreach to increase your sales and go beyond average revenue.

Many business owners in recent years have shifted to social media channels to go in front of their people; the target audience. 

Social media outreach seems pretty simple at first glance: you post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on to get the word out about your business. With enough time and effort, you’ll get a lot of results, right?

While it might be true that the best results come from hard work, there are many ways to get great results by working smarter. 

These techniques include doing your research, segmenting your audiences, and preparing your outreach campaign long before you send out the first message, email, or connection request.

Let’s break down all the smarter social media outreach techniques with you so you don’t feel lost hearing this term for the first time.

1. Optimize your social media presence:

Your profile is the first thing your future customers or prospects will see, so you need to make sure it doesn’t give them a wrong impression. 

Before you send outreach messages, it’s important to make sure your social media profiles are up to date and show you as a professional in your industry. 

2. Build a genuine image in the industry:

Once your profile is good to go, it’s time you put it to use!

Keep up with industry topics and be active in conversations so that you can show your knowledge of those topics. This will make your profiles more attractive to potential clients, who will appreciate how knowledgeable you are about the industry’s most important issues.

You can do this by posting quality content. New insights, case studies, and research results are proven and great conversation starters. You can preface each of those with your opinion on the topic and encourage engagement. 

3.  Gather quality leads:

We move a little forward now. After you are done with your status and profile presentation, it’s time the real work begins.

The first part of the “real work” is gathering leads. Here are some ways to gather leads.

Interact with a target to gather reputable leads from your industry. Search for a viral social media post related to your industry and comment over there. From the existing comments, you can get a solid list of leads to network with as well!

Join viral and reputable groups that are associated with your industry. Make sure to regularly visit them and leave valuable comments. 

4. Personalize your outreach strategy

Now that you have a professional profile and a knowledgeable entity in the eyes of your network, it’s time you personalize your outreach strategy.

You do it by reaching your favorable prospects through customized messages, preferably on their emails or LinkedIn. Make sure you don’t try it too hard, go simple and natural. 

Craft your message like “Hey, John! I see we share the same passion for content creation – here’s a tool that made my content creation 10x easier”. You don’t have to sound downright sales-y but you get the idea.

5. Analyze and improve:

Go through the results if you produced any and group the leads that have got into the conversation with you. 

As for measuring the success of your campaign, many prospecting tools offer analytics packages that show you important stats like open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates. These are all indicators of your campaign’s success.

Wrapping It Up!

As you can see, an outreach campaign starts long before you actually send a message. You need to build up your confidence in your lead lists and the research that led up to them before you start sending messages.

That’s all for today, folks! Good luck with outreaching your way through success. 🙂


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