5 Ways To Nail Your LinkedIn Outreach Strategy

5 Ways To Nail Your LinkedIn Outreach Strategy

Want to grow and add spark to your existing LinkedIn outreach strategy? Here’s an easy-to-follow guide for everyone who wants to reach more prospects and close maximum deals! 

As social media communities emerge and flourish, LinkedIn remains a go-to tool for prospecting, qualifying, and closing deals. B2B marketers and sales reps who want to generate more leads without doing cold calls have embraced this business-oriented platform as their best companion. 

LinkedIn has features that you can apply right off the bat to close deals, but only if you properly use and reap the best benefits of it.

Wondering how to go about that?

Don’t feel lost as down here we have compiled sure-fire ways to boost your LinkedIn outreach and take it to the next level! 

Make sure to reach our Bonus Tip to avoid cannibalizing your whole outreach strategy. 

1. Know your prospects before pitching them your services:

The first mistake anyone seeking new leads makes is messaging their prospects like sales BOTs without knowing them.

Since your goal is to build a healthy relationship with your prospective customers, that’s the first thing you should avoid. 

It’s best to review your prospect’s profile first and get to know them based on their information. Based on this information, you can craft an introductory message that they are more likely to respond to.

2. Look for a common ground to connect:

Reached your to-be customer’s profile? Now it’s time to look for common ground – anything you find that connects you two somehow. It could be a seminar you two attended, or you went to the same institute, or share a passion for a common thing.

Personalize your outreach message with that common ground and you’re all set to light a healthy conversation!

3. Come to the point without elongating the message:

Your prospects won’t have all day to read your message. Just like you, they already have a lot of tasks up their sleeves. It means that your message needs to be on-point, interesting, and compelling enough to steal a few minutes from their busy schedule to read.

Instead of rambling on and sending out a whole chunk of text. It will only drive them away. 

Break it down.

Make it short and crisp. 

Make your message sound about them so 

Consider the prospect’s problems and how you can assist them. Make sure you don’t go over five sentences. If they reply, you can explain the rest.

4. Leverage the trend of “Connections”:

Growing your professional network also means finding a mutual connection that can introduce you to your prospects. The likelihood of making significant progress with a potential buyer increases when you have a peer vouching for you.

Take advantage of the referrals, and it could only happen when you use LinkedIn the right way! 

BONUS TIP: Avoid Asking “Can We Talk?”

Your prospects will be more likely to reply to your questions if you ask them questions they are eager to respond to. Instead of asking “Can we talk? ”, how about you ask something about their unique tools or process? 

You can do this by checking their company profile and bringing up their most recent move.

Make use of the insights you got from their profile to ask a query. 

Once you get on with these strategies, a simple outreach message will spark a conversation with your prospect that you can stretch to your desired direction.

Need a helping hand in nailing your outreach strategy? Talk to our business specialist and we’ll turbocharge your LinkedIn outreach! 

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