4 Mistakes That Kill Your LinkedIn Outreach (Beginner’s Guide)

4 Mistakes That Kill Your LinkedIn Outreach (Beginner’s Guide)

One thing about LinkedIn, this business-oriented social media platform has a different personality as compared to other social media networks. 

Since LinkedIn is a purely business-focused platform, some people don’t treat it with a special approach that could maximize its rich features. To go well about your LinkedIn outreach, you need to take a different approach to successfully expand your professional network. 

Some LinkedIn users are bound to make mistakes that ultimately kill their LinkedIn outreach and potential chances to flourish as a professional in their field. 

So, how to not be one of them? 

It’s simple, steer clear of a few expected mistakes. 

Below are four common mistakes that kill your LinkedIn outreach. 

Avoid them at all costs before you intend to establish yourself as a professional individual.

1. Unprofessional approach while interacting:

While social media platforms may be seen as relaxed spaces for people to interact, LinkedIn isn’t entirely true to that. Considering you’re socializing on a business-oriented site, it means interacting with users more professionally.

For your LinkedIn page to be effective, you should choose the right media. Other people may not care about your lunch choices or your vacation photos; instead, they want to know what you do professionally.

2. Spamming professional accounts with messages:

Many LinkedIn users forget that they could be putting themselves on the spam list by outrageously sending messages to people who do not wish to connect with them. It’s better to connect with your industry-related people than to mass-following everyone. 

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with people in your industry. This means you’ll find and receive relevant content that may benefit both parties. 

If you message people without giving them a chance to connect with you, they won’t feel compelled to connect with you again. This is an incredibly damaging tactic and will hurt your brand’s image on LinkedIn.

3. Overselling your services:

You must remember to never force your content on others. If you want other professionals to notice your services and products, it is always best to approach this professionally.

The best way to expand your network is through consensual submission. When you reach out to professional messages, be sure to ask them if they may be interested in your content. The best business relationships are built slowly, so take your time to build a solid network.

4. Posting and reposting inconsistent content:

When you post content that’s inconsistent, irrelevant, and unprofessional, it makes you lose your credibility online. Plus, inconsistent content regularly displaying on your feed will just scream unprofessional from your profile.

Be sure to stay on top of your posts by proofreading them, checking for errors, and advertising relevant industry services.

Final Thoughts:

When done right, LinkedIn outreach can actually get you solid, like-minded leads. Avoiding these four common mistakes will help you improve your outreach, which will lead to a bigger, healthier, and more solid network.

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4 Mistakes That Kill Your LinkedIn Outreach (Beginner’s Guide)

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